About Us


Lead Vocals & bass: Tony Austin

Guitar & vocals: Jared Montgomery

Guitar & vocals: James Wall

Drums: Jack Gao


Formed in Sydney, Australia in late 2008, Ramshackle is a distinctive four piece Rock/Punk band comprising lead vocals, two guitarists, bass and drums.

The origins of Ramshackle began on opposite sides of the world as budding musicians in Australia, England and China were honing their crafts.

Jared Montgomery and James Wall met at high school in the Sydney Northern Districts, both taking music as an elective. They jammed together and played in local Battle of the Bands competitions.

Tony Austin’s family had arrived from England when he was 9 years old, settling in the Sydney Eastern suburbs. Tony became interested in music, choosing it as an elective at school and playing drums and singing in local bands.

Rehearsals in 2009 resulted in the guys realising that they had an aptitude for song writing and this, coupled with a unique chemistry and friendship, has become a fundamental element of Ramshackle.

Since that time, Ramshackle has performed at venues like Spectrum, Factory Theatre, the Annandale, Lansdowne, Roxbury and Sandringham Hotels and the Sydney Livehouse as well as local festivals and various other venues around Sydney. The band has continued to refine its art and expand the number of fans following their progress.

Drummer Jack Gao joined the band in 2013, having arrived from China only two weeks earlier. A music producer and sound engineer in Beijing, Jack’s driving rhythms are a vibrant addition to Ramshackle’s unique sound.

Ramshackle has continued to make a name for itself and, while priding themselves on taking a professional approach to their music and performance, have never lost sight of the reason they got together. It has to be fun. The guys are certainly enjoying their musical journey together.